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Very surreal!

Did you make it through? Did the graphical interface work for you? Was it both fast and engaging enough?

I did make it through!

I found the experience enjoyable, and although the interface was a little jittery I did not have too much trouble with it. 

My only real concern was a page display issue that occurred every time I spoke with a character. Before I had a chance to see it, a page of text flashed and then disappeared. I think it was just showing me a previously loaded page so I wasn't missing anything, but it gave me the impression that I was missing part of the story. 

The draw distance for the maze was a little confusing at first (since it looked like there were no rocks before they came into view in some parts), but I think it was about the right size and difficulty to make it feel worthwhile. 

All in all not a bad experience, although some additional polish (e.g. making it harder to get caught on trees when wandering around the forest... clearly indicating that there is nothing to explore in certain directions) would improve it. 

It was fun. 


It was mostly a test of the system I was writing for twine. Less so an adventure more so an interface. Thank you.


I LOVE IT!!! It reminds me of a more graphical version of those old-school adventure games, such as Zork!